Urban Network Analysis Toolbox for  Rhino3D

Urban Network Analysis (UNA) offers powerful methods for assessing distances, accessibilities and encounters between people or places along spatial networks.  The new UNA Rhino toolbox makes urban network analysis available in Rhino 5, adding a number of new features and functionalities. The UNA Rhino toolbox was developed in order to make spatial network analysis tools available to architects, designers and planners who do not have access to GIS and typically work on designs in Rhino. Having UNA metrics in Rhino, not only allows one to analyze how a specific spatial network performs, but to also incorporate the analysis into a fast and iterative design process, where networks can be designed, evaluated and redesigned in seamless cycles to rapidly improve the outcome.

The UNA Rhino toolbox is significantly faster that its GIS counterpart, which has been available as a plugin for ArcGIS since 2012. Users also have an ability to rapidly create and edit networks from any Rhino curve objects, making network design and redesign simple and intuitive. The analytic options available to the user have expanded, giving you more precise control to analyze exactly what you need for every unique spatial network problem.

The toolbox is in beta version. It is still in development and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions in making it better for day-tod-day design and research practice. Send us a note if you have any questions: una-rhino[at]mit.edu

Installation pre-requisites: You need to have Rhino 5 on MS Windows, with Service Release 10 or later and an updated Dot Net Framework 4.5.1 or later. 

City Form Lab team

Andres Sevtsuk
Raul Kalvo
Lab director
Lead developer

World Tour

The City Form Lab is going on tour to introduce the new Urban Network Analysis Toolbox for Rhino at various universities, design, planning and engineering firms around the world. The tour started with a presentation of the new toolbox at the ARUP headquarters in London in January 2015 and continues through Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. Stay tuned for workshop announcements at different universities and firms on this website. If your institution is interested in hosting a UNA Rhino workshop, please get in touch by emailing us at cityformlab[at]mit.edu

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